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“Emily Langer is a friend and mentor who has helped make it feasible for me to compete at two different CDE’s by providing logistical support and guidance. Emily has a tremendous breadth of horse knowledge and superb organizational skills that make her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking  assistance with training or competing.” 
~ Deborah Gillispie 
   Huntington, WV
“Thanks to Emily Langer, I finally have the pair of driving horses that I have been looking for for over 5 years! After years hiring Emily to help drive my horses and help with the search for right horses I came across the perfect mare, but Star came with some soundness concerns.  Emily’s treatment of Star was thorough, thoughtful, medically appropriate, practical, and complete. She offers a full service rehab and training program. Emily took care of both my horse, and my needs. She was always available to answer all my questions and respected my treatment choices. Emily has a real gift for and love of rehabbing horses. Don’t hesitate to follow her advice and to use her services.” 
~ Reva Seybolt   
   Vershire, VT
“I first met Emily this summer, under less than ideal conditions. It was in the wash rack at the 2018 Hermitage Classic CDE on marathon day. On that steamy Kentucky August day, horses were coming in from the marathon with dangerously high temps and needed immediate attention.
It wasn’t until a photographer approached her and started asking her questions that I noticed her.  When she replied to the photographer that she was so impressed with how folks were stepping up to help the horses, (several of them included herself working on horses that weren’t even their responsibility), that she wanted to cry. I thought to myself in that moment, this is the type of person who has her priorities in order.
She went on to say she wanted to step back and take a picture of what was happening, but getting temps back down was more important.  I knew at that moment that I wanted to meet Emily, and eventually I did.   I have had the pleasure of seeing Emily at several CDE’s since then.
Her ability to do about anything, and her positive attitude make her a joy to be around. Her willingness to jump in and help anyone, as I saw demonstrated again at Katydid CDE is another reason why I look forward to seeing her at events.    Emily is a wonderful example of everything that is right and good about the horse world. A generous spirit with her priorities in order, who wears her passion on her sleeve, and who uses her actions to demonstrate who she really is.  I consider myself lucky that our paths crossed in that Kentucky field this past summer!”
~ Terry Shaw
“Always Driving! My friend Emily is usually driving a horse or traveling throughout the country. Every road she takes, she is learning something new, sharing knowledge and encouraging those she cares for.
In all my years riding and training, I have never met such a capable, talented and knowledgeable young horse woman. Whather you are jumping, lunging, driving, starting or rehabbing horses, Emily has insight to improve your skills and safety, with the animals’ well being in mind.” 
~ Katherine Mooney   
   Pomfret, CT
“Emily works with the horse while helping the horse easily adapt to working. She enhances their willingness to learn and helps build the horse’s confidence. 
Her teaching method is consistent and relies on positive reinforcement... her skill level far exceeds her age.”               
~ Cheryl Bess     
   Somerset, KY
“Working with Emily Langer was a great experience, she has great leadership skills and enjoys taking excellent care of her horses.”   ~ Joi Rodriguez , Sarasota, FL
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