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Meet Some of Our Favorite Equines at Focus Forward!

Glenarvon Duke

Duke came to Focus Forward in spring 2019.


A Dutch Harness Horse, his demeanor and willingness to please make him a perfect lesson horse both for new drivers experiencing his accommodating personality, and drivers who appreciate his ability to show them a higher level of maneuverability and gaits.

Duke is also a people-pleaser who appreciates attention and clearly enjoys his job!

Come meet Duke and let him show you why he is a barn favorite here at Focus Forward!


Another student favorite, Flash is a true confidence-builder and teacher.  This shiny chestnut large pony with plenty of chrome is ready to take students and guests out on leisurely trail drives and to practice skills in the ring.

A Virginia native, Flash arrived in early summer 2019, quickly making himself at home enjoying the company of the other equines at Focus Forward, and establishing himself as another member of the FF herd!

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Bugg is a client now at Focus Forward, expanding his repertoite to include driving. . His carefully-planned introduction to driving included starting with ground driving and long-lining, before stepping up to a 2-wheel cart and then to a 4-wheel vehicle.

Bugg's success and ready acceptance of new experiences exemplify the Focus Forward approach - ensuring that both horse and driver are mentally and physically prepared for each step in their introduction to the discipline.

Cute Donkey Whose Name I Can't Recall

Not all the equines at Focus Forward are horss - or ponies - or minis!

CDWNICR is the mascot of Glenarvon Farm, a permanent residents. His retirement duties include companion to the herd and sounding his dulcet tones to voice opinions on all farm activities, plus offering cute photo opportunities.

Mini One and Mini Two

Mini One and Mini Two are the personal equines of Glenarvon Farms owner Sayre Graves - irresistible and they know it, posing for photos and greeting visitors with aplomb!

They serve as ambassadors to driving and have represented the discipline at events such as the annual Virginia Festival of the Horse and last spring's public Introduction to Carriage Driving held at the showgrounds of Glenarvon.


Glamorous Twiggy is Emily Langer's personal driving pony !


Visitors are fortunate to see Twiggy stepping out under Emily's capable hands, exhibiting this beautiful pony's snappy gaits, movement, and of course her stunning  conformation and color.

Twiggy is currently in training with her light and maneuverable new marathon cart from Carriage Imports, and all friends of Focus Forward eagerly anticipate her appearances both in the show ring and at the training facility.


She is a pleasure to watch, whether in harness or gracing the fields with her presence.

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