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Fall 2020 Events  - please e-mail Emily for more details

September 17-20

Tryon CDE & ADS North American Championships, Tryon, NC


September 26
Derby Day #1 at Focus Forward, Bremo Bluff, VA (downloadable entry form here)

October 10-11
Carolina Carriage Club Pleasure Show, Tryon, NC

October 16-18
Glenarvon Farm 20th Anniversary Celebration @ Focus Forward
(by invitation only)

October 25
Derby Day #2 at Focus Forward, Bremo Bluff, VA (downloadable entry form here)

October 31
Halloween Drive at FFDC or Pocahontas State Park (location TBD)

November 7
Casual Continuous Drive @ Focus Forward

November 21
**date to be confirmed**
Youth & Beginning Intro to Driving Day

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